The law reflects social progress, and in this context, the José Oswaldo Corrêa law office constantly seeks to improve and anticipate the needs of its clients.

The headquarters consist of an ample and modern complex of offices taking up two floors of a building in downtown Rio de Janeiro, with easy access to parking. It also has a third floor which centralizes the human resources and financial departments.

In parallel, the office counts on a specialized tax accounting firm, legally independent, to render even more personalized assistance to clients, offering a full range of services in the administrative, financial, accounting and tax areas.

The José Oswaldo Corrêa law office also has a modern auditorium that can acommodate to 50 people, meeting rooms, and an up-to-date conciliation room. This large room is modeled on a regular courtroom and is reserved for holding arbitration like in several European countries, where a significant portion of disputes are nowadays settled with no use of the formal court system.

This system of conciliation is already operating at the office, with numerous cases having been adjudicated privately, saving time and money to the parties involved.